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The buildings at Romsey Road, Maybush (on the outskirts of Southampton) were the headquarters of the Ordnance Survey from when they opened at the end of the 1960s until they were finally vacated at the end of 2010. This page, and those linked from it, bring together many photographs that document the construction and fitting out of these Headquarters. These photos (mainly black and white) were taken each month and show a fascinating record of progress on the 'new' building.

Due to the number of images available, we've split them into many separate gallery pages, each representing a particular month's construction. Further images can be added by uploading them using the standard wiki Upload tool, then using the provided form to to add, at the very least, a Photo Category of 'Maybush Construction' and a Photo Subject Date. If you've done this, you should then find that the new photo appears under the expected heading.

Images are kindly supplied from the Ordnance Survey picture collection and must not be reproduced without permission.

There are literally thousands of photos in a box in our photo archive. We have scanned the more interesting ones and virtually all of the later photos, which tend to be more interesting. All of the photo archive material is in the process of being scanned and so it is hoped that more photos can be added to this section.

Construction in the 1960s


Photos of the Maybush site before construction, as well as models of the new building. 'Cutting the first turf' ceremony, 1964 Models of the Maybush head office on display

Maybush Pre-construction photos

Technical drawings

There is an extensive set of technical drawings from the 1960s documenting nearly all the details of the building. These are apparently 'as built'. While a lot of these are not of much interest, others are more so and the drawings include plans, cross-sections and elevations of the building and some of its fittings, such as the design for the custom-built light tables. Most of these have not been scanned but some of the more interesting ones will be posted here in due course (providing that they are not likely to breach any security considerations).

Maybush Technical Drawings


Construction photos from 1964, the year construction on our new Maybush headquarters building commenced.




By 1967, the main Central, North and West Block were well established while the Restaurant was built during this year.


By the end of summer 1968, the building was more or less completed and fitted out and staff started moving in. The last area to be finished appears to be the photographic area, fitting out of this was still evident in photos from September 1968.


The construction photos in our main collection appear to stop in October 1968, however we will have a look in our other archives to see if there is anything newer.

Alterations and refurbishments post 1969


In 1995, refurbishment of the first floor commenced.


In 1998, work on preparing for construction of the Business Centre commenced. The last remains of the old graphic repro area were removed and so was its ventilation plant on the second and third floor.


Early in 1999, the new Reception area and associated meeting rooms opened - along with the C015 Arium office and some other areas. Work on the Business Centre was in the early stages, that being a separate 'phase' of construction. As well as significant internal work, a striking new entrance was built complete with new landscaping, with a visitors' car park. The flagpole was also moved here from its previous home on the roof of the original Reception area in North Block.



Demolition at Romsey Road commenced in mid-late 2011. See Romsey Road - redevelopment.