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The Ordnance Survey Sports And Social Club (OSSSC) was active for many years, bringing staff together around a large variety of social, sport, craft and other interests.




The OSSSC has played numerous football teams over the years. We have a video, from May 1975, of the first football match that took place between Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland. This took place in Douglas, Isle of Man. Many thanks goes to John Williams for sharing this.


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Ordnance Survey has had various cricket teams for many years.


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Ordnance Survey has, in recent years, held volleyball games at lunchtimes during the warmer months. These were held between North Block and Crabwood House at Romsey Road and on the playing field to the east of Explorer House.

Other clubs

Photographic Society

It is no surprise that Ordnance Survey's Photographic Society has been one of the most active OSSSC groups, with many staff having a background of working in the Photographic/Repro activities at Ordnance Survey for their day job. The society is still active today and holds regular competitions; see http://www.osps.org.uk/ for details and some photo galleries.

U25 Club

The Under 25 (U25 Club) was for younger members of staff and they hanged around in a shed next to Crabwood House.

The Grapevine/The Blurb

The two publications mentioned above were the newsletters for the OSSSC and were published on a regular basis.